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What Is Comparative Politics

             Across all space and time, man has questioned things. Which system of government works best? Will our country prosper if we try and change our ideals as a nation? Many generalizations have since been made in reference to the various political systems that exist. Because of the fact, that man has a questioning nature- he compares. .
             Comparative Politics: A definition.
             According to the Oxford English Dictionary, to compare is to "estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between" things. Comparative politics is an approach within political science that attempts to make reasonable statements about the functioning of political systems and political behavior through theoretical hypotheses and empirical observation by giving explanations for found regularities and variation, within and among political systems. Comparative politics is particularly interested in exploring patterns, processes, and regularities among political systems. It looks for tendencies, for changes in patterns; and it tries to develop general propositions or hypotheses that describe and explain these trends. .
             Why We Study Comparative Politics.
             The essence of science is inquiry. Inquiry involves comparisons that may be between groups, societies, organizations, or across national boundaries. It involves clear definitions and the specification and use of measurable variables. In other words, evidence is gathered and used in order to advance an argument, to explain or predict political phenomena, since comparison is the basis of scientific knowledge. Man is not able to know which political system could best work for his country, lest he compared other systems. Thus, he compares to not only find differences in the systems, but also similarities. Comparative politics has emerged from the necessity of having to know more about one's own political system by looking more closely at other political systems. When one compares, an understanding of political reality may be achieved by comparing the political institutions and practices of two or more countries.

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