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What is political Science?

            Political science is defined as the study of the processes, principles, and structure of government and of political institutions; meaning the study of politics. However this definition does not really give you a grasp of what political science truly is; to really understand what political science is you must first know how it works. Politics is the art or science of government or governing a political entity. The goal of political science is to find ways of improving how a government governs; this is usually done through comparing and contrasting how different governments function and by looking at their advantages and disadvantages. .
             Politics is concerned with all of the functions of a government, things like the allocations of resources and the optimizing of social welfare as well as things like government finance, budgets, types of taxes, and the effect of these choices on political structures. All of these things are important because they all affect the overall well being of the structure, it is important to monitor these processes and to try and improve the way they are implemented so that your political structure is able to rise to worldwide expectations and standards. The choices which governments make are all important because they all affect the people within the society. Governments are dealing with large amounts of power, power which can be used in both positive and negative ways, it is important to assure that the government uses its power correctly. It is the job of the political scientist to educate the people what is right and wrong and what is ethical and unethical. This allows the people to have a voice and enables them to question the acts of the government. It is important for the people to know about the decisions which are affecting their way of life so that they may have more of a say in how their structure is govern. Political scientists are important because they educate both citizens and political leaders, by contributing to debates on political issues, and by encouraging different ways of looking at the world.

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