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Is Politics Science?

            Defining politics today has different meaning from 20th century. Littrë in his 1987 dictionary defined politics as the science of government of states'. Robert in 1962 defined it as the art and practice of government of human societies'. Today government of state related to that of other human societies. Political formula for pluralistic societies is required. Thus the meaning of government in any society is organized power, the institution of command and control. Politics now strongly interacts with welfare, economy and religions as well. For instance, Aids harrows far into the middle-class and aggressive minorities are craving their conception of the world in educational system, where Japanese electronics and Japanese cars triumphs and the saving banks are going bankrupt, where the war of the Gulf discloses an evident cynicism. Today politics or government has to deal with such issues.
             As the meaning of politics have changed, thus derived terms of politics changed such as political theory, ideology and hegemony through the history.
             Politics it self strived to find idealistic methods of politics and philosophy in the history and so now we are living in the capitalism and democracy society. Over the past two decades especially, major political events, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the fall of numerous dictatorships around the world which were ideal policy line.
             These global politics events substantiate the sentence "Politics is pragmatic occupation with little room for ideals, ideas and philosophy."".
             I am going to prove this by argue that why political problems are essentially practical and require pragmatic solutions. Success and failure of political ideology and ideological, material limitation of consumerism in democracy will be main element of my argument.
             Firstly, why political problem needs pragmatic solution to be solved. I am going to analyse with making examples about success of democracy and comparison with contradict political forms of democracy.

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