A Nightmare

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"Silence  by Tadeusz Borowski and "The Watch  by Elie Wiesel are stories about the Holocaust. Both short stories give the reader an idea of what the Jews experienced during the Holocaust. The characters in the stories experienced great loss, pain, and developed feelings of hatred and vengeance. However, the vengeance in both short stories was different. In "Silence  by Borowski, vengeance was spontaneous. The characters took vengeance in their own hands. In "The Watch  by Wiesel, vengeance was delayed. The character did not use violence. His way of taking vengeance was to let go of his past and to move on after 20 years had passed since the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was a nightmare for the Jews and for many other innocent people. The Nazis treated them in an inhumane way. Many Jews were killed in front of their families. In "Silence , Borowski gives the reader

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