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In this world of ups and downs, twists and turns, and smoke and mirrors, people are searching for one thing, Truth. Truth is defined as the supreme reality and the ultimate meaning and value of existence. Truth is a mighty weapon that is capable of destroying lives and amplifying them into unheard proportions. The ideas and beliefs people have shape the very essence of their life, but their very actions exemplify their search for Truth. Lies are constant in the lives of men, but Truth is hard to find and she packs a mighty punch. Truth is hidden from the eyes of many, yet it looms over all waiting for discovery.

Truth can be as simple as 1+1 or more complex than quantum-physics. The search for Truth and Revelation has been present in life for all of humanities existence. Muslims, Christians, even Hindus are looking for the brilliant light of Truth. The pilgrimages of the Muslims and the crusades of the Christians were all basically searches for the truth. The Muslims travel to Mecca in the search for their revelations, Christians travel to the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and Hindus and Buddhist search their entire lives for enlightenment. These are just different ways that men and women search for Truth. Finding Truth can be as

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