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In Search of the Truth About Truth and Honesty

            In Search of the Truth About Truth and Honesty.
             The chair in the center of the room is green. One might read this statement, and get a picture of a green chair in the middle of a room. Sounds simple enough. But, what if that chair was actually blue? What if it was on the right side of the room? How would the reader of that sentence know for sure? They wouldn't. The only foundation a reader would have to go on would be to trust that the writer was telling the truth. We are taught from birth to trust our elders, to believe our history, to follow the crowd. What if the statement in question were a little more important than just the color of a chair and it's location in the room? Maybe it had to do with the status of our country's welfare, or the existence of God. So then, how are we as people to believe what is truth, and what is not? The only real way to understand honesty is to explore it. To look deeper into the true meaning of honesty, and to see how deeply it effects life.
             Webster's Dictionary defines "honest- as "free from deception; truthful; genuine; marked by integrity; upright, just, conscientious, honorable."" If that is true, I don't think I have ever met a person that is truly honest. The truth means different things to different people. I asked many of my peers what "honesty- meant to them, and I didn't get the same answer from any two people. To get a straight answer on what the truth really is, one would have to define "truth."" Truth, lies, integrity, beliefs. All play a role in honesty. Who is to decide what the truth really is? God, the government, parents; all would be possible guesses. But really, doesn't the truth come from oneself, from the inside?. You are the only one who can decide what the truth is to you. Personal beliefs and the right to choose what one believes and doesn't believe is a strong basis of this country. .
             If a reader is told the chair is green, their first intuition is to believe it.

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