Language and Development in Philippine Setting

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It was postulated that the problem of Filipino vis-à-vis English language usage is not our fascination for the latter but our derision for the former. Of course, there are exceptions to this instance. However, generally we Filipinos do view English as more superior language than our own.

Consider these common circumstances: the more adroit a Filipino is in English tongue, the more he or she is regarded intelligent; Filipino folks are more proud of their children the earlier they know how to speak coherent English; salespersons are more attentive to their English speaking customers than those who they could have understood better in native dialect; speaking in native tongue is considered "baduy  specially in formal events; we laugh at mispronunciations equating it with overall ignorance of the speaker and are overcritical over grammatical errors of Filipinos than those of foreigners; and a whole lot more. I could go on and on but I hope you get the general idea. Again as I said there are exceptions. There are instances, where Filipinos are proud enough to speak in his Tagalog in front of a "highly academic  audience; others refuse to speak other than Filipino language or use it mediu

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