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Wonders of California

            Where can you find a place where when you walk down the street, and meet Britney Spears at the local coffee store? There is only one place and that very place would be California. California is a wonderful state full of exhilarating places to see. There is plenty of action, drama, beauty, and romance you could possibly want! There is nature, gardens, world-renown theme parks, and different selections of food from all over the world. There is a diversity of cultures located right here, in California.
             Anything is possible in Hollywood. If anyone hears the word Hollywood, they would instantly recognize it as the entertainment capital of the world. Hollywood is well-known for its advanced film-making, movie-making, numerous celebrities, and fabulous homes. It is no wonder that people from all over the world flock to Hollywood to live or visit.
             Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A great number of people love California for its choice of gourmet food that it offers. Whether you are in the mood for seafood, ethnic cuisine, or simple fast food, you could always find it in California. California’s streets are flooded with restaurants of various personalities. Food in California does not only include main course meals, but also desserts! Chocolate is God’s perfect gift to the world from specialty chocolatiers in Beverly Hills to See’s candy for everyone. There is also ice cream, cakes, pastries, puddings, and just about everything else!.
             Nature is an important part of California’s beauty. With so many natural wonders, California is filled with parks and protected environments for visitors to enjoy. California’s outdoor sites are spectacular. From the Napa Valley vineyards to the sands of Santa Monica beaches and the beaches of San Diego, California has many wonderful places to amaze tourists. There are excellent points to view numerous fields of flowers while watching the vibrant sunset, or you could lie on the grass, look up at the skies, and count the stars.