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History always repeats itself

            When you look at History you might just think that history does repeat itself, probably thinking of the First World War and Second World War, because that is what I thought at first, but then I looked deeper and realized that I was completely wrong, history does not repeat itself. The truth is things, which have happened in history, are never the same as the things, which are happening in the present. Events might occur that are similar, but they are never exactly the same.
             To analyze this statement we have to know exactly what is meant by the phrase ‘History always repeats itself’. History is the written records of the past, but there can be more than one version of the event. Always means at all times, all the time, constantly and continuously. And repeat means something that happens again and again without exceptions. So therefore the statement means an event has to occur regularly in the same situation over and over in time, with the same factors influencing it.
             It is impossible for something to happen again and again without exception and it being exactly the same as the time before, because things are constantly changing, and it can never be exactly like the previous time. The date, the time and the things involved are always different, and the reasons for the things to happen change too. .
             Here are a few examples to prove my statement: Women’s rights are a good example. At the beginning of the century women were treated differently to men, I’m not suggesting that women now have now the same rights as men, but they have improved. There are still countries though where nothing has changed. Now, women are respected in most countries and have the same rights. This is a big change in history, and now women in other countries, which they did and do not get a lot of respect in, are starting to change and learn how to gain respect. This is not repetition it’s global change.