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When the Past Repeats Itself

            We have all heard the phrase "the past repeats itself" throughout our entire lives. Everyone from our parents, to our elders, to our professors. It seems everyone has heard it at one point at or another, and if not; it is easy to realize at just a glimpse at our history of the human race. Both sides what we label as "good" and other "bad", are involved in this everlasting loop, showing that even the pure evils we never thought could reprise their role in evils neverending twist of fate have their own slot. With the corralling of human beings into camps, surrounded by fences and trapping those concealed in a man made Hell, it seems that it would be a "one time thing", but in reality? The past is repeating itself as we know it.
             In World War II, the human race saw a genocide of those of Jewish descent, those of homosexuality, disability, and many others. It started in 1933 when Hitler and his Nazi party changed the course of history with speeches filled with propaganda, and a mindset of the most evil intentions. After this rise of power, detention facilities were set up for those deemed "socially unacceptable". Those trapped within these camps with the label of "socially unacceptable" first consisted of Gypsies, German Communist, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Social Democrats, and those of "asocial behavior". The parties definition of "socially unacceptable" soon expanded five years later in 1938 when Germanys seizure of Austria. It was during this annexation of Austria where the Nazis imprisoned German and Austrian Jews into the German concentration camps in Dachau, Sachsenhausen, and Buchenwald.
             What laid ahead for the German and Austrian Jews was a conjoining path that will be shared with those already trapped within these fences laced with barbedwire. After the invasion of Poland, camps turned into labor camps, where everyone was divided by "suitable to work" and "unsuitable to work".

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