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The 80's Fashion Era

             The Fashion Era I chose to write about is the 80's. This was a time when it was fashionable to have the big hair, and crazy outfits that clashed but looked acceptable. I chose the 80's because it is a personal favorite of mine. I wish I were a teenager in the 80's because the trends then were funky and fun. .
             The styles of the 80's are very distinct from any other era because this was the only time when "as much as you can is more" as opposed to "less is more". The more bracelets you could fit on your arm, the more hairspray you use to get your hair up, the more eye shadow you could get over your eyes, and the more lace you could get on your clothing was fashionable. Now as little makeup as possible, sleek hair, and a little bit of jewelry is fashionable. The 80's were very exaggerated in their styles; huge holes in the knee of jeans, big ruffles, neon colors, and high top sneakers are among many outrageous fashions. The fabrics used in the 80's wasn't much different from the fabrics used today except that a lot of lace was used in the 80's and now lace is mainly for lingerie. All clothes were mass-produced, but most often the customer would make alterations to their clothing to make it as funky as desired. Hand made garments were just as acceptable as designers. .
             The fashions of the 80's fit into people's lifestyles because they both can be described by one word; crazy! Society was outrageous and was accepting of people's differences more than any other previous era. The only event that had a big impact in the 80's was the explosion of The Challenger shuttle. Everybody remembers where they were and how they felt when they heard about this significant event in 1986. The fashion industry wasn't really affected by this event, but my guess would be that maybe astronaut suits became popular that following Halloween. The music of choice in this era was punk rock and pop. Madonna was a driving influence of fashion in the 80's.

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