Death Penalty

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Ever since the death penalty was declared constitutional in 1976,

thousands of people have been placed on death row, and 314 of them have been

executed. Thirty-eight states allow the death penalty. There are many

politicians who are trying to pass laws banning the death penalty. There are

around 3000 people on death row across the country right now and if these

politicians get their way, then 3000 killers lives will be spared. The controversy

of this issue continues, with many people questioning if capital

punishment is really the answer to solving the problem of crime. The death

penalty should be allowed because it is not inhumane but rather fair and it's

use will end up helping out society in many ways.

Many people who oppose the death penalty say it is inhumane and unfair.

These people who oppose it say that all human life has the right to be respected.

All human life does have the right to be respected but there is a point when

that right can be lost, if someone takes the life of another human being, then

they have given up that right. Another argument against the death penalty

is that the death penalty encourages more murders, because if people see the

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