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Hopes And Dreams: Overcoming Adversity

After watching the movie "Suggestions On How To Live A Happy And Rewarding Personal and Professional Life  two quotes stuck out in which I thought were basic necessities and a fundamental component in establishing a successful life. One Being "Never deprive anyone of hope, it may be all they have  and the second "don't give up on any one, miracles happen everyday . These two quotes mean a lot in the way I view life, although society has told us that success is measured in salaries and bonuses and happiness can be summed up as a dollar amount, I like to believe that those who are truly successful are those people who no matter what they are doing, or how much they are making, they still are happy. These people do not need a six figure salary to tell them that they are happy, they do not need society to tell them if they are successful, because for these few people they have something no dollar amount can buy, they hav

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