Interest groups

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Through out United States government history, political interest groups have had a profound influence on some very important decisions. These political interest groups are highly organized factions that have a certain agenda that is important to them. They will often lobby at various levels of the government to have their agenda protected, have new laws and regulations instituted that will aid their agenda, or argue against possible laws, codes, regulations, ect ¦ that might harm their interests or agenda. There are many who believe having a government that is easily accessed by interest groups is a very good idea; however, there are many that feel a system in which political interest groups hold a great deal of influence is highly undemocratic.

A political system in which political interest groups hold a great deal of power is said to be a pluralist government. In this type of government, more specifically a pluralist democracy, interest groups have easy access to the government so that they can lobby for their cause. Political lobbying is when these interest groups appear before government representatives and attempt to protect their agenda by asking for new laws to be implemented or old laws to be changed. There are different

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