The Winter of Our Discontent

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In John Steinbeck's The Winter of Our Discontent, Ethan Allen Hawley, the main character, endures endless amounts of stress and tension in his life. Ethan felt as though he was surrounded in a world where no one respected him, not even his own family. Ethan's social status, cultural factors, and psychological problems, gradually ate away the honesty that was once within him.

Ethan was a descendant of proud and honorable sea captains who resided in New England. At one time, Ethan's ancestors owned a majority of New Baytown and all of the whaling ships, but all of their wealth came crashing down when Ethan's father made a few bad investments. That left Ethan with hardly any money and a job as a clerk at a grocery store which was once owned by his family. The store was taken over by an Italian immigrant named Alfio Marullo. Ethan's job supplied his family w

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