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Malcom X Website

             I visited the CMG Worldwide website (www.com) and clicked over to the section on Malcolm X. The web pages under Malcolm X are very contemporary, with a black background and gray link boxes such as Biography, Timeline, Quotes, Eulogy and Library. All pictures on the website are black and white pictures of Malcolm X delivering his famous speeches. The use of the black background and the powerful pictures make this a great tribute to a great man.
             CMG Worldwide is based in Indianapolis, Indiana with another office on the west coast in Hollywood, California. During the 1970's, CMG Worldwide became a premier company for representing the families of deceased celebrities. CMG now represents over 200 personalities and corporate clients in fields such as sports, entertainment, and music. Such clients are, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, James Dean, Mark Twain, Marilyn Monroe, and Jayne Mansfield to name a few. The website is truly addictive. One can find themselves clicking on various links to find great websites on such famous personalities.
             The CMG approach to Malcolm X is that of a brief biography, followed by excerpts from his speeches and quotes. CMG gives a straight forward approach to the story ok Malcolm X. Even though they represent him, CMG tries to stay away from a biased outlook. They do not go into great detail of certain aspects of his life, for instance Malcolm's break from the Nation of Islam. However, they mention it as a key point in his life and move on.
             The website provides a great amount of extra material besides the biography. To start, there is a section labeled quotes were some of Malcolm's finest outcries to the African-American are documented. The first section of quotes is from articles and speeches he has made through the years of 1963-1965. Many coming from the "Message to the Grass Roots" speech made in Detroit in November 1965. .
             There are also miscellaneous quotes that have been collected through out his lifetime and quotes about Malcolm X from his widow, Betty Shabazz and civil rights legend Dr.

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