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Malcom X

            What does it mean to be a black man in America? How have Afro-Americans been treated threw out the U.S. during different eras? Have Black men advanced in social class and have blacks risen above the title of a "black man" or an "African American man" to have the title of a "hu-man?" The Autobiography of Malcolm X gives a student in the 21st century a glimpse of how blacks in America were treated in the 1840's and in the 1950's. Many similarities can be seen on how the capitalistic white society exposited the Black society for the betterment of the white men. The Biography tells stories of unjustly and ungodly acts committed towards the Black men in America during those eras. What is interesting with Malcolm X is that he lead a very hard lifestyle and his adversity threw life both comes to the conclusion that black men in America are being exploited by white men and there needs to be a change.
             The correlation of childhood experiences, self-education, psychological influence and religious influence and the constant reinforcement of never being able to excel in the American society for blacks sparked in Malcolm X had a feeling of moral obligation to be a revolutionist for their fellow Afro- Americans. His life experiences cause him to challenge society's systems, go against norms, standards and laws of his times and ask the question, why. Why are "blacks," "Afro-Americans" forced to live like peasants among kings? Why are blacks treated as less of a man only because of their color of skin? However, the more important question, with Malcolm X, is how. How can the oppression and inequality of the black man be changed in this society now? To understand why Malcolm X made it his life ambition to stop the oppression of the African Americans in American's society it is important to look at his childhood experiences, psychological influences, the role of self-education, and religious influence during his life.

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