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Malcom X

            Malcom X is the true hero of African Americans. Malcom X born with the name Malcom Little, was a very defiant kid with a criminal outlook on life. He was locked up for robbery. In prison sometime latter he always knew that the treatment of blacks was criminal injustice. .
             While in prison he was introduced to a black version of Muslim religion. It was sort of an initiation to manhood and becoming responsible for his actions. Also while he was in prison Malcom copied the entire dictionary by hand for the only reason to learn using the same tools that the same people in power were using to distort things to there will.
             I think that Malcom X was far more respectable than Martin Luther King Jr. because Malcom X's basic philosophy was lets clean up our own communities with no government help, no welfare, no interference from other groups other than the blacks themselves. He was for black owned schools, black owned businesses, black owned towns and so on. He said that basically they weren't going to take handouts from the same people who took from them. What Malcom wanted was to have his own place where all blacks could be treated the same, a place where they could all be together doing there own thing with no reason to be different, No one calling them names or saying here have this job because your black. He wanted the black children to grow up with work ethics not just handouts because of there skin color. Malcom was not just talk. With his money that he made at his job he set up communities like muslim schools for blacks and he also set up an area of black owned businesses.
             He knew that civil rights leaders where not going to change anything for black people, he said that they can't do anything with the help of a government that doesn't agree with what you are doing in the first place. And of course these civil leaders will be looked up to because they aren't telling black people to get off the couch and make something of themselves.

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