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Malcom X

             After reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley I've realized that I've been taught and educated about the civil rights movement with a sugar coating on top. Throughout my life I've been brought up believing that Malcolm X was a raises Blackman who hated whites, and all he wanted to do was fight and retaliate against them. While on the other hand I was told that, Martin Luther King Jr. was the key to the movement and his peaceful, turn the other cheek teachings, were correct. Since finishing Malcolm X's Autobiography I've grasped a better view on how the world works, and the depth of the real harshnesses that surround us. Through Malcolm's religion he taught Negroes that they have been blinded and deceived by the white man. Malcolm referred to the white man as the white devil. He did this because he believed that the white man was forcing the blacks to live and function in a white society. Even though Malcolm's early teachings may not be that correct referring to all white men as devils but it shows a truth about the world. How society blinds you into believing one side of the story. For example in Malcolm's time your white and your blinded into believing your superior to blacks and can treat them like trash or on the other hand your black and your blinded into believing your not worth having rights and whites are better then you. .
             Society tries to deny that there's no or less racism in this day and age and thats absurd. A good example of biases and how society or the majority of society blinds you is in school as I stated before how I learned that Malcolm X was a bad Blackman and Martin Luther King Jr. was a good Blackman. They didn't really inform us about the whole picture. I learned all about what King did and practically told that he changed and fronted the civil rights movement. I was not taught about what Malcolm did, but told about the hatred and anger that he preached.

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