The Major Causes of Underdevelopment!

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A developed country is one which provides a high standard of living to its people as a result of the per capita income and Gross Natural Product. Many European countries which have already developed all their resources and have reached a high level of development can now generate their own capital as they do not have any financial restrictions and can thus enjoyed a high standard of living, a high capital income and a high productivity. In contrast, under developed nations are said to be court up in a vicious circle of poverty. In such countries, as Asia, Africa and Latin America where financial problems and Economic stagnancy exist, people lived below the poverty line. According to Professor Ragnar Nurkse, ╦ťEconomic development has much to do with human endowments social attitudes, political conditions and historical accidents,' implying that underdevelopment is a man-made problem, for which man-made solution need to be found.

Overpopulation is a major characteristic of over-population. One of the common features of developing countries is a rapid rate of population increase. This rate has been rising still more in recent years as a result of advances in medical sciences, mortality rate has been reduced cause by e

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