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            Excellence, by today’s standards, is the standard. Look around at society; people push themselves to the highest level. The standards rise, which in turn makes the level of excellence rise. What would happen if today’s society happened to be place in the same situations as twenty year ago? Because excellence’s measures are compared to what we consider standard, how can one possibly compare the two? Knowledgeable excellence might go up while excellence in a family’s moral and value takes a plummet. .
             Schools today offer more classes to help students excel in any job or task that they want. Students are now able to push themselves or slide by with no real attention given to the student at all. A student twenty years ago takes a normal physics test and receives a 92%; this would be the case standard. Now a student two days ago takes the same normal physics test and receives an 84%, today’s standard. Does this indicate that the excellence in the school and teaching went down, or does it mean that the same 92% standard is in a higher course? .
             The first theory has a good idea; if true, something drastic needs to happen to change this to get the standard back up at a 92%. More time taken to learn the material needs to be accounted for, making sure the students are fully aware of the expectations and test’s content. *In addition, an explanation of the problem and why the information need be learned at all should be given—not meaning state-standards. *Confusion, lack of caring, not trying—all could be reasons for a problem. The second theory happens to be just as likely, especially with this school. If it happens to be true, then why is there a concern? If any, the concern needs to focus on the how did the level for the standard rise—instead of why are the students performing at that level? *What needs to occur is a look at when— was it gradual or abrupt—the change happened? .