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Virtue and Moral Excellence

            Introduction: The term virtue is defined as moral excellence. A virtue is a practical disposition that is in conformity with the standards of excellence. A virtuous person is one adheres to a standard of right conduct. He or she possesses a highly commendable quality or trait that is to be admired, either morally or intellectually. Modernization has served many essential functions, but it also helped to bring a greater degree of social complexity. Leaders began to debunk the rules of transparency and fair play in the marketplace. The eight great leadership virtues are as follows. One is remember that education is the key to success. Second is building an impeccable character. Third is working for society makes you whole. Fourth is being aware of the pitfalls of power. Fifth is avoiding the Deadly Sins. Sixth is debunking arrogance and embrace humility, surrender, and faith. Seventh is use teamwork, build bridges, but learn to walk alone, finally the eight virtue is do not just manage, use holistic leadership and grow.
             Virtue One: Remember That Education Is The Key To Success.
             What is education and why is it important today? What kind of education must a leader have in order to be successful? The term education means to provide learning skills to people. The purpose of this is to develop knowledge, skills, and character of a person. Education comes from the Latin word educare, which means to bring up, rear, or educate. Education is important because first we need educational credentials for jobs. Second the United States is a highly developed society and it requires a large number of skilled and literate people in the workforce. Lastly, as a people, Americans have always had a deep faith in education. Educational attainment is a key ingredient for economic mobility in modern society. Education is a central social institution and the word school is treated with awe and respect. Today we know that there are two functions of education: Manifest or intended, and latent or unintended.

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