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Benjamins Virtues

             Virtues is an example or kind of moral excellence, righteousness; goodness.
             Franklin's autobiography he has mentioned some virtues; in the following essay Im going to .
             talk about a few of them, about how they are important to our lives today. Benjamin said "I wished to live without committing any fault at any time;" he thought if he learned all the virtues he'll be a perfect person.
             Silence, silence is a important virtue, since we talk to communicate with other people each day; we also need some skills while talking and also think to yourself the things you are saying will it hurt others. In other words, dont do frivolous or idle talks.
             Order, the virtue that means letting your stuff having their places, and letting each part of your business have it's time. This is especially important for kids or teenagers while they are studying in school. For example, some students go walk around in the streets and malls after school, when they should be doing homework. Another example, many people today likes to chat on the internet and do homework at the same time; which is not having order in their lives. Doing these things will distract them and makes the person less concentrating on their work. I always do things without order, for instance I went to eat lunch with friends at McDonalds, I go do my homework there and chat at the same time, and when we were about to leave I still havent finished the homework because I was not working and chatting with friends all the time; that made me using two hours to finish a homework that takes only thirty minutes. I think myself needs order the most in all of these virtues because Im always doing things that shouldnt be taking me long with a long time, because I get distracted easily. While doing homework with computer is the easiest way to get distracted, typing an word document and then boom, you see a chatting window in front of you because your friend says hi to you and then I can be chatting for hours until time for sleeping.

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