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Benjamin Franklin

            Virtue is moral goodness that is very important in life for all people and especially in presence. Benjamin Franklin tried to achieve moral perfection by setting many virtues in his life, and that is why he is considered to be one of the greatest American minds and a proud pillar of national heritage. His autobiography proves that with determination and dedication, success is within anyone's grasp. People in presence live in a convoluted society, and easily gets influenced by their own desire. People should learn to practice some of the virtues that Benjamin Franklin practiced.
             To illustrate a case, people these days eat much, and drink much. The reason and excuses are very straightforward, mostly are to release stresses. One of the virtues Benjamin Franklin set for his achieving moral perfection is "Temperance (Eat not to dullness, Drink not to elevation)"(p.93)). He had set temperance as his very first virtue that he should perform, since it is a simple but hard one to really put it into action. Having a full stomach and an indistinct spirit never allows a person to neither concentrate nor humble him or herself. How could you study or do any important business if you are drunk or way too full that you are unable to move a step? How will you please to be a venerable person if you are drunk to elevation and show yourself causing big mistakes? It is obvious. Therefore it has to be understood to everyone that avoiding tasty food, and fragrant wines are very difficult, but is a big issue to be settled as to make the society and individuals fluid.
             Benjamin Franklin also considered "Silence (Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid extremes)"(p.93) as an important virtue of his arduous way of moral perfection. A single word can be a knife stabbing to the person's heart, or it may be word of a lovely licorice that cures the person's wound deep inside their heart. For example, think about two people who speak differently.

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