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Benjamin Franklin

            Many great americans that have shaped our country into what it is today have come and gone. one in particular,, know as benjamin franklin, has laid out the foundation to our american culture.
             many people know him on the face on the hundred dollar bill, but he gave us much more than heis persence on our currency. He was part of both the declaration of independence and the u.s. constitution. he affect the way americans live today. we can be outspoken and women can attend college instead of being full time housewives. people can live anywhere without consulting a charter system. in addtion, ben franklin has also invented the lighting rod. if it was not for him history 1301 students woul dhave to hand write this essay. people can sit down and watch television or browse on the internet if they would like. if he didnt do his experiments with electricity people today would not have air conditioning to stay cool in the summer. so in other words benjamin franklin is an icon to america and we should be grateful for an intelligent man like him.
             benjamin franklin was an intelligen man in his time and molded what is america today. he is a large part of americas culture and not just the man on the hundred dollar bill.

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