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Benjamin Franklin

            Benjamin Franklin - The First American.
             When referring to the greatest Americans in history, the name Benjamin Franklin must come to mind. Throughout history, there have been many icons that emerged as leaders of their time exemplifying knowledge, courage and passion. Much like Greece with Aristotle and Socrates, America had their own brilliant hero, Benjamin Franklin. Despite being a poorly educated son of a candle and soap maker, Franklin was determined to find his place in American history. Benjamin Franklin is credited for many attributes during his time that has shaped America into the "free nation" in which we now live. From his roles in politics to scientific innovations, Benjamin Franklin can simply be defined as truly "The First American.".
             Benjamin Franklin is known to many for his accomplishments as a political leader during his time. Franklin first began founding organizations for the public good during his youth. He was responsible for organizing the first lending library and the first volunteer fire company. Franklin developed many characteristics during his youth that helped him become a marvelous political leader. He was a highly social person with very strong opinions that produced rewarding results for our nation. Benjamin Franklin had a very strong belief that America had to separate itself from the control of Great Britain. Even with harsh opposition, Franklin managed to compromise with fellow politicians and made America a free nation. He also wrote the proposal that would later establish the University of Pennsylvania. Among other accomplishments during his reign, Franklin was elected to the Second Continental Congress and proposed the first Articles of Confederation. Benjamin Franklin's drive as a political leader has led us to define him as a great American hero.
             Franklin can also be credited for his contributions in the world of science and innovation.

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