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Benjamin Franklin

             Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of America. Franklin is very well known for the inventions that he created during his life and his political viewpoints. Several years prior the American Revolution and for all of the American Revolution Benjamin Franklin played a major role. Benjamin Franklin played a major part in helping America to become the country that we love today and was also a major encouragement for people who wished to separate from Great Britain. .
             America was unsatisfied with being controlled by the British and felt that they were being treated very unfairly. They demanded to have equal rights as British men. However only certain portions of America felt this way. In the end America was left in a state of perplexity and hatred. America was later split into two groups of Americans. There was no longer one united nation. One of these groups was known as the Loyalists who were loyal to the British, the other group were called the Rebels who wanted to gain independence from Great Britain. Although there were many Rebels, each one playing an important role in the separation of America and Great Britain, Benjamin Franklin was one of the few Rebels who was not as enthusiastic about gaining their independence from Great Britain. Unlike many rebels all that Benjamin Franklin was for Britain to stop taking advantage of and abusing the American people.
             The clear distinction between the Loyalists and the Rebels is that Loyalists did whatever was in their power to prevent America from separating from Great Britain. While the Rebels were trying to figure out what they wanted for America, although they themselves were not sure what they wanted, or what would even be best for America. .
             Several discussions had taken place to decide whether or not America should be independent. This topic had been the main concern of all the Rebels but despite all their efforts they could not decide on what to do.

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