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Benjamin Franklin

             Benjamin Franklin, also widely known as one of the Founding Fathers of America, will never be forgotten in American history. This is so simply because he has contributed so much to the United States. Franklin was a very knowledgeable and talented man. He was everything from being a scientist, an inventor, a statesman, a printer, a philosopher, a musician, and an economist. Living with his grandson Temple, Franklin reached Philadelphia where the delegates of the Second Continental Congress were gathering. At this point in time, the Boston Tea Party of 1775 has been on the rampage. The Congress did not have an agreement whether this war should be taken into independence or just to gain American rights within the British. .
             With these arguments going on, Benjamin Franklin was chosen to be a member of the Congress. At first, Franklin remained silent of his opinion of independence and avoided talking to other delegates about it. Everyone knew of his renowned reputation of his ability to induce people to follow his opinion. Because he was so wordless, members of the Congress began to complain and even suspect Franklin as a secret Loyalist to British Empire. However, Franklin still chose to be unspoken of his concept of America's independence. .
             Of course Franklin had his reasons on keeping his silence. He wanted to first convert his close relations first before speaking to anyone. One was Joseph Galloway who served Franklin for ten years and William his son. However, both disagreed to Franklin and tried to argue with him and moreover convince him to stay neutral. Franklin was not at all convinced and William left defeated.
             Franklin could no longer hold in his thoughts to himself. The bloody Battle of Bunker Hill and the burning of Charleston led Franklin to further hatred of British and to take action. Franklin finally speaks out after signing the Olive Branch Petition in July 1775, which condemned the British of their hostility against the America.

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