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Virtue Speaks Louder Than Words

             Responsibility, courage, compassion, loyalty, honesty, persistence, and self-discipline; every person should recognize these traits as essentials of good character. For any one man to possess or exemplify all these traits of moral perfection, would be as likely as the sun setting in the east. But every person capable of understanding morality, should strive to build character based on these virtues. Possibly only one person in recent history has achieved the highest of moral standards, and has been a shining example of virtue; that person is Benjamin Franklin. His many accomplishments in the fields of science, education, publishing, philosophy, politics, and statesmanship are noteworthy, but all of his achievements were undoubtedly a result of his exceptional underlying moral strength. .
             One of Franklin's most admirable qualities was his loyalty to community. Whenever he recognized a need for community improvement he took steps to find and implement solutions. In one case, he was disturbed by the unavailability of books to the public so he aggressively worked to establish the first public library in the American Colonies. In another case, his frustration with the inefficiency of the colonial postal system led him to become Philadelphia's postmaster. He worked diligently to make the colonial postal system efficient and timely. His actions were not based on acquisitiveness or the struggle for power, but on his devotion to public service. Few people would assume such a great responsibility for the benefit of others, without expecting monetary rewards in return. Franklin's only reward was having the satisfaction of serving his fellow man (Fetzer 486-491). .
             Throughout his life, Benjamin Franklin served as a moral beacon of integrity, loyalty, and courage for all to see. His actions, behaviors and attitudes are a moral guide for the heart and mind. Franklin did not believe in selling his soul for profit, in fact, he refused to patent any of his inventions, preferring to have them used freely by everyone.

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