The Broken Heart poem

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Anyone who has experienced a break in a relationship that results with a broken heart can empathize with John Donne's poem "The Broken Heart  after some thought. A somewhat bitter poem, Donne fills the verses with similes and metaphors that compare love with the uncaring yet destructive items he chooses. Specific comparisons made in the poem show how the author sees love as it treated him. The imagery found in these comparisons used in the verses helps to establish that Donne sees the nature of love as harsh and the destroyer of his heart, ergo the title of the poem and the main message.

Word choice is a main part in setting up how clear the imagery in a work will be. In "The Broken Heart,  in order to portray the ill effects of love, Donne uses more negatively-linked words because of his mindset on love. Many poems are flowery, romantic poems on how love makes the world beautiful, but Donne says, "They come to us, but us Love draws./ He swallows us and never chaws.  (lines 13-14)

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