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Tribe, a tribe is a group of people that you can trust to help you and be by your side. You live with them and all support each other like a family. A tribe functions like a community because everyone works hard to help out fellow tribe members. In the continent of Africa, there are many tribes with many cultures and religious beliefs

In Africa there are a lot of tribes, the tribe that I found the most interesting was the Zulu Tribe. My group and I did research on the Zulu Tribe; we researched the geographical features, the arts, and the social habits. The climate in South Africa where the Zulu tribe is located is very complex. They have hot humid summers, sunny winters, cool nights, 25 inches of rain a year and located next to the Indian Ocean. Many rivers run through the Zulu tribe of South Africa. Both the black and the white Mfobzi River runs through it. The four other major rivers that run through it are the Tugela River, Phongoln River, Bavane River and the Kcomeeu River. Because South Africa is landlocked, they have lakes and bays. On of the major lakes is the Umsingazi Lake. Lake St. Lucia is also one of

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