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Taj Mahal

             About one hundred miles east of Delhi in Northern India stands the city Agra. Within it lies perhaps one of the greatest architectural monument ever built. Designed by a Turkish architect, the monument was made of white marble. It stands as a monument to represent the love that Shah Jahan had for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The building took about 11 years to complete even though it has been said by stories that it took about 22 years and required some twenty thousand workers.
             The story of how the monument was founded started like this. Its all started in 1611 when Emperor Jahingar married his childhood sweetheart, after having her true husband murdered. Her name was Arjumand Banu. To unite her position, the new Empress soon arranged for the marriage for her niece and one of the Emperor’s son, Prince Khurram to get married. For the next five years, the Prince was involved in warfare, fighting for his country. Thoughout this dangerous time, his wife was never far from his side. Thus they lived a adventurous and dangerous life together. .
             Once he returned from war, he took throne in 1648, with his faithful bride, Arjumand Banu by his side. Prince Khurram, never known for his modesty, assumed the title of Shah Jahan, King of the World, while the Empress was conferred the royal name of Muntaz Mahal, Chosen of the Palace. Despite the heights to which they had ascended, the couple still involved themselves directly in the battle campaigns of their nation. In fact, while pregnant with her 14th child, Mumtaz Mahal was with her husband’s army in Burhampar. They were there because Shah Jahan was on a mission to stop a riot that had occurred during that time. The Empress died while giving birth to her daughter in June 1631. Before she had died though, she had made four requests for her husband to make. One, he would build a monument for her. Second, that he should marry again. Third, that he be kind to their children, and fourth, that he visit the tomb on her death anniversary.