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donald trump

             I've got enough, much more than I"ll ever need." (Trump, 4) This quote by Donald Trump bluntly sums up how he views his success as an entrepreneur. Donald Trump was born in 1946, with the full name of Donald John Trump. He was born into a wealthy family which could trace back to his paternal side of his family's past. With this being said, one could imagine that his childhood was a privileged and blissful time. Through assisting his father in his business proposals as a child, Donald would inherit the skill of recognizing a good deal when he saw it. As a result of these acquired skills, Donald Trump would soon become one of the richest men in the world. Looking at his education, personal traits, and use of business strategies one could recognize why he has become one of the leading entrepreneurs of our era.
             At the young age of thirteen, Donald Trump enrolled into the New York Military Academy. While he was there, he was faced with many obstacles that he would perceive as easy to overcome. He was told, basically, how to live his life each day. He let nothing get in his way. "For the first time, Donald was in a place that encouraged and channeled competitiveness and aggression instead of tamping it down." (Blair, 237) At this point in his life he wanted to exceed everyone else's expectations. And sure enough, he did. Trump succeeded at NYMA in numerous ways. Academically, he received many awards from English to Mathematics. He excelled on the field in every sport and was considered the star of the field. After graduating from the New York Military Academy, Trump went on study business administration at Fordham University, a Catholic institution in the Bronx. Trump stood out there in many ways. First of all, his military demeanor showed more than usual. He was not Catholic, and with his classy sports car and well modified clothes, he was noticeably more affluent than his classmates.

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