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Putting an End to Period Shaming

            "You could see that there was blood coming out of her eyes," Trump says in response to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, "blood coming out of her wherever." It's easy to conclude that Trump is referring to a woman's menstrual cycle. Trump, being a man, has never experienced a period therefore he has no right to suggest that a woman is angry or disgruntled because she's menstruating. In fact, that's degrading and some people think it's acceptable to belittle what women really have to go through during their time of the month. "Do not mock a pain that you have not endured," an Arabic proverb reads. Period shaming is a real thing and happens more often than we realize. Women around the world have done many things to try to put an end to that, shaming.
             Yes, every month a woman gets her menstrual cycle, it serves as a sign of fertility and cleansing. In some cultures this sign of fertility is worshipped and celebrated, but many countries in the world consist of people who haven't fully matured yet and probably never will and they cringe at the thought of a menstrual cycle. Many pre-teen girls who just went through puberty and got their menstrual cycles are ashamed to go to the store and buy themselves the sanitary products that they need. The problem is many adolescent girls are too concerned with what people think of them, however our hygienic and health needs are more important than what some teenage boy or even a man has to say about it. .
             In third world countries, women who get their periods don't have access to sanitary products like we do. Instead these women have to use rags, leaves, newspapers, or other unhygienic materials that can lead to leaks or even infections. In turn not having these products not only can result in infections, it also leads to adolescent girls not going to school because they're embarrassed. The Plan is an organization that raises awareness and money for third world countries that don't have access to the necessary sanitary products.

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