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Changing self

            My personal interpretation of the concept of change has extended, as an outcome of undertaking the unit of study, Changing Perspective. It has been made evident, through the texts, "Run Lola Run, a movie by Tom Tykwer, "The Door, by Miroslav Holub and Peter Skrzyneckis poem "Post Card', that change is ambivalent and therefore can be either positive or negative. The way people perceive things also changes from one person to another, depending on their personal beliefs. In "Kornelia Wolosczuk and "Migrant Hostel by Peter Skrzynecki, as well as in a post- September 11 cartoon by Leunig, the idea of varied perceptions is supported. It also appears that in some cases, people can be so set in their conduct, that if they detect any hint of change they begin to panic and even take precautions, in order to avoid change, while on the contrary, there are those who are yearning for change. These to viewpoints exist in an article by James Meek, from The Good Weekend magazine, titled, "Watch This Face and in Peter Skrzyneckis poem, "Chronic Ward. .
             For every change, alteration or reformation that one undergoes, there is either a positive or negative outcome. In the movie "Run Lola Run, which is directed by Tom Tykwer, a girl, by the name, Lola, gets three chances to save the life of her boyfriend, each time is 20 minutes long, and each time, she is off by a couple of seconds. At the end o f the first sequence Lola has run head-on into the dire consequences of trying to save her boyfriend Mannis life by trying desperately to raise 100,000 marks in twenty minutes, all while racing through the streets of Berlin, but nevertheless it ends positively. The second ending takes place 10 seconds later than the first one. This change in timing means that things happened in the second that didnt in the first, and vice versa. The second ending is shattering and the complete opposite of the first. The third sequence begins, once again a few seconds different from either of the first two.

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