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Changing Self

             If we don't grow, we aren't really living" - Social observer Gail Sheehy.
             The process of change, in particular "changing self", is one that each of us has and will continue to encounter throughout the duration of our lives. The definition of "changing self" is somewhat complex, but quite simply it can be described as the process of individual change that deals with the causes of a change, the steps taken to become changed and the consequences of a change. .
             Two texts will be used to show how composers have communicated the "changing self" concept. These texts will incorporate Broken Dreams, an episode from the television series Home and Away, directed by Jonathon Geraughty and screened on October 24 2002 as well as Gwen Harwood's poem The Glass Jar, from a collection of her selected poems.
             I have developed a thesis about changing self - a change of self is not always accepted and the process that is carried out in order to achieve this change has both negative and positive consequences. This thesis is the basis for today's discussion.
             Broken Dreams portrays the journey of Kirsty Sutherland as she discovers that the boy she is dating is her half brother and that her father, Rhys, has been hiding the truth from her for many years.
             Many aspects of the "changing self" process are evident in this piece of related material ranging from suspicions or expectations of a change to the reaction of individuals when faced with a changing situation.
             Kirsty's trust and confidence are shattered by Rhys" confession that Dylan, her current love interest, is his son and her half sibling. This revelation is traumatic for Kirsty and transforms her from a girl who had genuine faith in her family to a young woman who has been forced to deal with a predicament that is almost incomprehensible to her.
             The language forms and features used to convey Kirsty's emotions incorporate the use of emotive dialogue and key lighting.

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