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A Knowledgeable Politician or an Ignorant Billionaire?

            On September 27, 2016, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had their first presidential debate at Hofstra University. It was the most watched debate in history, as over 84 million people were either on the spot or in front of the screens to see the candidates arguing about their political plans. The reason for that is they are so different from each other and there had not been a direct debate between them. Therefore, everyone wanted to see what would happen if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were on the same stage. After the debate, most people believed Hillary Clinton won. When talking about why, people would compare the political opinions, the language use, the gestures, the facial expressions and so on. Among all those aspects, verbal language must be the most important element within a debate. In that respect, although it cannot be denied that both of the candidates used strong and aggressive languages, Hillary Clinton talked like a knowledgeable politician with confidence and composure, while Donald Trump seemed more like a man in a bar who was trying to win an argument yet with nothing to support his ideas.
             People had different expectations of both candidates. Considering their earlier speeches, Hillary Clinton is a well-known great speaker. Her speeches have strong logic, clear structure, professional opinions and are perfect like well-written essays. But she is just like most other politicians, whose speeches cannot draw too much attention or be memorized for a long time because people have listened to this kind of political speech for a long time. However, as for Donald Trump, opinions are severely polarized. Some people think Trump has absolutely no idea about how to give a serious speech, because Trump's language is so simple and casual that his speeches are just like daily conversations, not to mention his thoughtless ideas and unbelievable ignorance about politics.

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