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Greek Phil Scrates Knowledge

             Socrates states that knowledge is (for lack of a better word because knowledge doesn"t have a mean) the knowledge of what is. I think when he refers to "what is" he is speaking of all things in general. Basically stating that a person who is all knowledgeable knows everything and anything ("what is"). Then Socrates says ignorance is the opposite of knowledge or the lack of knowledge of "what is". I think he means that completely ignorant doesn"t know anything about the world or anything else for that sake. Then he says there must be some intermediate between the two because nobody is completely ignorant or all knowing therefore there must be this concept of opinion. Socrates says that people see many things and comment about those things. But these people cannot realize the thing they see when they see it and have no knowledge of anything they opine. For example, people who see and study many beautiful things but do not see the beauty itself. On the other hand, he says people who study things in every aspect are knowledgeable. He also says that these people love and embrace the things that knowledge is set over. A person couldn"t have an opinion about something that would be the same as one has the knowledge of because knowledge is fact. While, opinion is a judgment or view on something. So as Socrates states the are two complete different entities. So knowledge is fact, opinion is a judgment, and ignorance is lack of all of these. .

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