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The Company Men

            The essay "the company man" is written by Ellen Goodman. The essay the company man defines a man who gave all of his attention to his work only. He is always away from his family, even during the weekends he does not give any of his time to stay with his family. The author uses Phil's to illustrate the effect of Workaholic to his family and his life. .
             Everyone wants to succeed, to have some outstanding achievements and to earn a lot of money. However, to have a balance life between family and job is important because work will never finish but the life will. Workaholic is a person who devotes themselves to work all their lives. In their mind, there is nothing but work in their world. Phil's is indeed a very successful, rich and important to his company. He has many remarkable achievements, but in fact he loses too much. He missed many cheerful things in this world and those are much important than work. He loses his health, the time to get with his family and his children. So his children even do not understand their father and are not close to him. The workaholic achieves himself with success in work but he does not have the real fun and happiness. He even does not realize this by himself. At the end, Phil's death is cause by the feeling of ignorance to his health.
             The language in the essay is not hard to understand because the author just explains the effect of workaholic using Phil's way of living towards his relationship with his family and his work. .

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