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Do Companies Exercise Unethical Hiring Practices?

            Do Companies Exercise Unethical Hiring Practices?.
             Obtaining a job is a major concern for people who are seeking to improve their lives. Because of today's financial challenges, most people feel that obtaining a higher paying position can free them of many headaches that come with everyday living. Throughout their quest in finding that higher paying position, many people will encounter difficulty in obtaining that certain job. When people sense that their difficulty is due to unfairness during the selection process, discrimination can become a factor. .
             Many business owners believe that just because they own their company, they are empowered to make any type of decision they feel is beneficial. One of the most difficult decisions that business owners will make is deciding whom they will hire to staff their company. Amongst all other decisions, business owners often overlook the rules and policies on hiring practices because they feel that they can make any and all decisions that are feasible for the growth of their company. .
             The obstacles of becoming a successful company today are more and more challenging. Because of this, the selection process in finding the perfect candidate for companies has become a more thorough process. Whether it may be something as innocent as not hiring a person because his or her age might influence productivity, companies are forced to ignore the laws of discrimination for the company's benefit. .
             Without a doubt, companies currently exercise unethical hiring practices. Since the success of their company is priority, they feel that discrimination will serve as an added benefit. Three forms of discrimination such as appearance, race and advertisement are amongst the three forms of discrimination cases that are frequently publicized in the media. While most incidents occur behind closed doors, it will be difficult to discover and penalize the companies who are currently exercising unethical hiring practices.

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