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Ethics of Social Media in the Business World

             Due to the rise of social media use in the business world, companies are taking steps to combat the ethical issues that arise, with this topic. Many people are unaware of all the potential benefits that social media has to offer. Rather than focusing only on the potential negatives aspects social media can have on work productivity. It is the responsibility of both, the employer and employees, to come together and reach an agreement, in order to be as successful as possible in the work setting. .
             Presently, social media is becoming more and more active in the business world. With the vast majority of social media sites ranging from your average sites like Facebook or LinkedIn to the less known, Tumblr or Second Life, people are logging on at the office. Contrary to the belief that social media is a burden on the workplace, it brings a large number of benefits that companies can take advantage of, to the table. When dealing with social media it is a rather difficult topic due to the variety of compliance and ethical concerns at hand.
             Positive Uses of Social Media in the Workplace .
             There are many potential benefits of social media in the workplace. Social media has the stigma attached to it, that it is nothing more than a time waster. However, good management within an organization will realize the potential benefits that social media can bring to a company. For example, potential benefits include, but are not limited to: facilitating open communication, leading to greater information transfer. Furthermore, social media allows employees to ask questions, share website links, post news, and discuss ideas freely[ CITATION SHR121 l 1033 ]. It provides the opportunity for employees to broaden their range of business contacts. Additionally, due the vast amount of people who use social media, it makes it a very effective tool for recruiting. In the past, recruiters were just limited to posting jobs on job boards or holding job fairs, but with social media, recruiters are able to connect to a whole new audience, across different social networking sites.

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