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Christian Ethics and the Media

             It has been around for decades from books all the way to the digital age. Media is something that we as Christians have to learn how to control; from planning how we are going to protect ourselves, to how we are going to protect our future children from the mass media in today's society. In this paper I will discuss how I protect myself from consuming bad content in media, how I plan to protect my children and how I plan on using media to better humanity. .
             When it comes to media I make sure to protect myself by only viewing content that is appropriate. When it comes to television I like to view things that demonstrate good Christian behavior alongside with reading books that uplift God. This way I'm not influenced by what is said or done on television or in books. Even when watching the news I try to keep a positive outlook on the events that have taken place, otherwise the negative situations that are occurring in the world will weigh on my shoulders. Another couple of safety precautions that I practice while using social media are: being a private user, only accepting people that I know, only adding people who have clean profiles, only posting wholesome pictures of myself and my friends, and keeping my personal information to myself, including my full name and address. I try my hardest not to use media all day long like most of my friends do by leaving my phone at home when I go to work, or when I know I'm not going to need it because I'm with everyone that I would normally text. I also try to not do my homework in front of the TV, but rather at a table where I can better focus. Another way that I control how much media I consume is by keeping track of how much time I actually use it. By the end of the week I see how much time I spent either on the Internet or watching TV, and if it's a lot of time then for the next week I try to not use media as much. .
             After I have children and they become old enough to use media, I will set in place multiple rules of how to use media effectively.

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