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Ordinary People should not be banned

            Ordinary People is the novel read in 10th grade English class. Some parents think that this book is bad for children and full of curse. Ordinary People tells children that ¡§ordinary ¡§ families are falling apart these days, so parents worry that this book gives children the wrong aspect. Then, they suggest that Ordinary People should be banned. However, I think this book should not be removed in 10th grade English class.
             Ordinary People is offensive to parents. They said this book tells children that it¡¦s normal to have sex with one another, and this book is full of profanities. Parents think children are too young and vulnerable to be exposed to such obscene language and behavior. However, before children read this book, they often hear the dirty language from TV, movies, and songs. This book will not be able to affect children a lot. To prevent children to expose by obscene language and behavior, parents should stop swearing in front of children instead of banning books. When children can read this book, they are old enough to tell what is right or wrong. Therefore, parents should not worry too much about this book.
             Parents said Ordinary People gives children the wrong information that ¡§ordinary¡¨ families are falling apart these days. They also think that parents need to shield their children from any reference to the ugly realities of life. However, shielding the children from the facts is not right. Many couples get divorce in a short period after they get married, and that is a serious problem now. Parents should tell children how to prevent it, but not hide the truth from them. Moreover, parents can read this book with their children together. Afterwards, they can discuss the problems from the book. At the same time, children can understand the problems that happen these days. The book will encourage children¡¦s growth. Children experience other people¡¦s lifestyles from the book.