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Gun Control

            Ordinary citizens in America should not have the right to bear arms. Guns kill more people than they protect. In 1993 there were 211 million firearms in the United States. That is nearly enough for every man, women, and child. Guns are used in approximately 7 out of every 10 murders in the U.S. Guns are also the second leading cause of deaths among all consumer products, only motor vehicle accidents kill more people in America.
             The U.S. government should out law guns for use by ordinary citizens. The government should give everyone one year to turn in their weapons to the nearest police precent. The government can then take all the guns and melt them down and use the metal for homeless shelters or something else that Americans can benefit from. If a crime involving a gun is committed after the year citizens were supposed to submit their guns, heavy jail sentences of no less than two years should be given. With banning of guns crime will decrease. The death rate will also decrease. Even though guns would be banned, like any illegal thing in America the gun would still be available. But if guns are illegal there would be limited access to them, so the prices of firearms would increase so only a small percentage of the population would own firearms. The only citizens who should be able to use firearms would be specially trained citizens who are in the services, such as marines , army ,navy etc. The only time guns should be used is to protect the nations security like the second amendment states. Those who do use firearms must be very well trained because studies show 20 % of police officers who are fatally wounded with guns are shot with their own gun. .
             When the second amendment was made, which states that Americans have the right to own firearms, it was for men in the militia to protect their colony against an attack from the British. When the second amendment was created they also needed firearms to hunt for food.

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