Literary Analysis for Pride and Prejudice

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Literary Analysis for Pride and Prejudice

Title: The title "Pride and Prejudice is most appropriate for the novel because the story centers upon the love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy and the obstacles (especially their own personal faults) both must overcome before they can find romantic felicity with one another. Elizabeth must overcome her "prejudice  which causes her to make hasty and harsh judgments about others and quickly dismiss them; whereas Darcy exhibits excessive "pride  as a result of his high birth and societal status making too aware of his superiority over others and act with excessive pride.

Author: Jane Austen, like her character Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice, grew up in the

late 18th to 19th century rural England. She grew up in a middle class society with six other siblings and a sister whom she adored named Cassandra. Her father was a clergyman for the Church of England, they were well off compared to others but did suffer money problems. Jane and her sister were educated at home in "ladylike  fashion and taught music, drawing, needlework, and other skills along with being well-read. Jane, much like Elizabeth, was tall and graceful, with dark hair

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