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Pride And Prejudices

            Any man who tries to argue Jane Austen's ability to draw characters would be.
             undoubtedly a fool, for the author's talent in that area of prose is hard to.
             match. However even the most ardent fans of Austen will have to agree with the.
             fact that the personages she creates are not appealing to every man. An.
             exception to that trend in this reader's opinion would be the character of Mr.
             Bennet, who by his sharp wit and stark realism alone redeems Pride and.
             Prejudice for any audience who under other circumstances would take no joy in.
             reading any novel by Austen, this one included. In many ways Mr. Bennet stands.
             as a literary monument to the writer's amazing storytelling ability. While his.
             personality sticks out among others in the novel like a sore thumb, his place.
             in the plot has monumental importance not only to the task of saving an.
             unappreciative reader from boredom but also to the movement and the development.
             of the work as a whole One of his most meaningful contributions to the plot is the influence he exerts on.
             Elizabeth. She is obviously his favorite, and probably the only one in his.
             family that he feels real fatherly love for. This is seen from the fact that.
             even though he is often very reserved and distant, the one time he shows emotion.
             it is directed towards her. The act takes place towards the end of the novel,.
             after Darcy announces to him his intention of marriage. The reader first.
             notices that he is not his usual self when Lizzy walks into the library. He is.
             not cool and composed as in other times he is present, but instead is.
             "walking around the room, looking grave and anxious." (Austen, 334).
             As he starts to speak it becomes clear just how much Darcy's announcement.
             affected Mr. Bennet. "My child, let me not have the grief of seeing you.
             unable to respect your partner in life" (Austen, 335) he exclaims, not.
             only admitting the mistake of his marriage but also showing enough love to.
             admit that he doesn't want the same fate to befall Elizabeth.

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