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Pride and Predjudice

             Pride and Prejudice has a unique meaning that gives the final touch to the theme of the novel. The original title, First Impressions, may have seemed to be appropriate at that time, but Pride and Prejudice is much more fitting. It is a support to the theme, a foreshadow to tone, and a root for the whole attitude displayed by the character.
             The two main characters have been set to be exact opposites. One opposite is Mr. Darcy, who is rich, handsome, and very picky, and the other is Elizabeth who is somewhat poor, humble to her lifestyle, yet beautiful. Despite their different class and creed, they do share the quality of being proud. When these characters first meet at a ball, Mr. Darcy turns down an offer to dance with Elizabeth, because she is poor and simply not pretty enough. This displays Mr. Darcy's instinctive prejudice of those who do not meet or exceed his standard of living. That action of his backfires when he decides to ask Elizabeth to dance and she denies him. This demonstrates her prejudices towards those who are rich, conceited, and show selfish disdain for the feelings of others. These examples serve as a support to the development of the ongoing theme. .
             When first hearing the title Pride and Prejudice the reader is instantly aware that this will be a story about just that. The title thus acts as a foreshadow to the representation of the theme and tone of the novel. Each character then breaks away to find pride. Mr. Darcy leaves to London to seek out Wickam and Elizabeth's younger sister. He wants them to marry and then tells Elizabeth's uncle that it is important to not mention this for the sake of the Bennett reputation. Elizabeth finds pride in herself by dealing with Mr. Darcy's stuck up aunt and the arrogant Bingley sisters. The elopement of her sisters also made her realize that every family has flaws.
             The actions of the characters reflect their own pride and prejudice toward each other.

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