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Pride And Prejudice

             Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice has delighted readers for nearly two hundred years. How has Austen's novel been so successful and still remain one of the world's most commonly read books? People still enjoy this writing because of its honesty and wit. Despite stereotypes and expectations, people know the darker side of life, reality. No one person is completely honest with all their friends, or even family. These aspects are brilliantly brought out in Pride and Prejudice. While watching TV and playing on computers slowly takes the place of reading and playing in the yard, dreams take over our mind's sense of reality. Since reality is not often seriously spoken of, readers love to hear about it from others in different sources, books.
             "It is a pitch-perfect piece of social commentary, brilliantly dissecting the foolish, class-based prejudices of its characters, from the too-proud Mr. Darcy (who eventually reforms himself) to the snotty Miss Bingley and the absurdly self-important Lady Catherine De Bourgh." SparkNote by Ross Douthat.
             This novel is well described as internal gossip. Meaning that instead of doing it ourselves, we can read about other people's lives and enjoy their gossiping more than we would our own! Aside from the priceless gossiping, Pride and Prejudice brings what many readers look form a happy ending, and most of all, true love.

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