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Pride and Prejudice

            The title of Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, can be interpreted as a theme running throughout the movie. Pride, is very common. I am convinced that it is very common indeedm that human nature is prone to it. Vanity and Pride are different things, though the words are often used together. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourseoves, vanity to waht we would have others think of us. Prise and/or vanity is displayed in different forms by each character. Ms. Austen was trying to send the message that an excess of pride or vanity is harmful. Those characters who can recognize their flaw emerge as the true heroes of the movie. In many minor characters of the movie, pride is a common characteristic. Mrs.Bennet, for instance, is exteremely proud when it comes to her daughter's marriags. She is so concerned that her neighbors have a high opinion of her that her own vanity will not even allow her to think of her daughters love and happiness. This is best shown with the case of Elizabeth Bennet's proposed marriage to Mr.Collins, a man she did not love. Mrs.Bennett was so upset when her daughter refused Mr.Collins offer that she would not speak to her for passing up such an opportunity. We can see an example of pride in Mary Benett. To the embarrasement of her family, Mary would take every chance she could to put on a show whenever in a public situation. Although she was not talented in any of the activities taht she decided to undertake, her high opinion of herself and her desire to build herself up in the eyes of others enabled her to display her supposed talents. Mr.Collins possessed a definite sense of vanity. He isn't concerned about his own opinion of his characterm for as we see his character leaves much to be desired. All that he cares about is what others think about him. He always needs the approval of others. When he gives Elizabeth the grand tour of hus home, he is looking for her approval.

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