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Pride and Prejudice

             Pride & Prejudice was written by British author Jane Austen in 1796-1797 and was first published in 1813. .
             The essence of the story is the antagonism between Mr. Darcy, a wealthy single man who believes Elizabeth to be beneath him, and Elizabeth, who upon being insulted at a dance by Darcy refuses to associate with him in any manner. Eventually through a family crisis, each over come their opinions of one another from their first meeting and fall in love.
             Significance of the Title.
             The significance of Pride & Prejudice is that the two main characters of the novel, Darcy and Elizabeth form opinions on one another based on their prejudices (example, because Elizabeth is considered a lower class than Darcy, he acted very pretentious in the beginning and Elizabeth assumed that he was a very 'disagreeable' man.) Both Elizabeth and Darcy had to get over their pride and prejudice so they can accept one another for more than their initial meeting. Elizabeth's pride comes from her wit, perception and confidence in her own abilities. She is offended by anybody who does not treat her with respect. Darcy's insulting remarks in the Meryton assembly rooms, She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me' hurt her pride and create her feelings of prejudice against him. .
             It is only in Chapter 36 having read Darcy's letter that Elizabeth begins to appreciate the consequences of her prejudice and misjudgement of both George Wickham and Darcy. She admits to her mistaken impressions, and could not think without feeling, she had been blind, partial, prejudice, absurd-. .
             It is accepted at the beginning of the novel that Darcy is the proudest, most disagreeable man in the world'. There is no question of the extent of his pride, although he later tries to justify his behaviour in public by claiming it is due to his shyness. Darcy's pride originates from his wealth, social class and superior connections, which all lead him to be prejudiced towards people of Elizabeth's lower social class.

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